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JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Juho Mäyränpää was a lecturer in the courses Global Sales Management and Sales and Sales Management. Lectures were given in English and Finnish.

The lectures dealt with prospecting in a practical way, especially in digital channels. The digital marketing and sales projects implemented by Sofia Digital were used as examples. In both courses, the students especially praised Mäyränpää’s pragmatic approach to the topics.

Tanja Shemeikka

Tanja Shemeikka

Senior Lecturer

Business Administration
School of Business

XAMK University of Applied Sciences

XAMK has sourced two training sessions from Juho Mäyränpää at the beginning of 2024. The first one was held as an attendance training for XAMK’s sales team in Mikkeli in February and was focused on sales efficiency development. The second was an online masterclass session for Edufication during March.

Sales efficiency development was well received especially due to practical exercises included in the training. The session sparked lively discussions and the team was satisfied with the coach. The masterclass went nicely despite some technical difficulties, the presentation was on topic, was received well and held in the agreed timetable.


Pekka Pulkkinen

Head of Unit & Board Member

Xamk – South-Eastern Finland
University of Applied Sciences


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