Sales Toolkit

Insight and expertise for business development and internationalisation!

The Sales Toolkit is intended for growth companies engaged in business-to-business trade, especially for company’s top management, sales management and sales teams.

When you know you want to improve your sales, or are planning to internationalise, you should join this list.

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What do you get when you order the free Sales Toolkit?

In the Sales Toolkit, you shall find tips and instructions on the various aspects of sales.

Firstly, I will delve into finding customers and the various means one can use to do it. Next up is productisation, after which I will concentrate on sales methodologies.

The next two areas of discussion are sales and sales team management, as well as internationalisation. Once you subscribe, you will receive a pdf checklist of sales measures and an introduction to the Sales Toolkit, which of course also serves as the framework for sales strategy and actions, as well as for international trade planning.

In the Sales Toolkit, you shall get predigested compact sales information packages at regular intervals so that they can be easily and quickly internalised along your daily work.

In addition to the compiled content in this Sales Toolkit, I shall discuss the example sales cases also covered with the coaching participants, so that the content of the emails is as concrete as possible.


“My coaching helps you to develop your sales practices and increase your sales”